Sup boards

Sup boards

YellowV has launched a series of three cool Heartbeat Stand Up Paddling boards. This SUP series combines modern looks with a black background of high quality PVC. Fusion drop stitch and ultrasonically welded: these paddle boards guarantee many years of fun! Our boards come as a complete set, so you can get on the water right away. Our boards come with 3 detachable fins, a leash, a carry bag, a small dry bag with the repair kit and the play set, a pump, an adjustable SUP/kayak paddle, a 3 meter(!) long microfiber cloth, a manual high pressure pump, waterproof phone case and a 3 year warranty.

Added to these 3 boards are the Heartbeat 13 - Tugela and the Heartbeat 14 Niagara, The Heartbeat 13 for speed and long trips, and the Heartbeat 14 for weekends away with a tent, for example.

Which SUP boards do we have?

With our first set of SUPs, we chose three different types: a kids' SUP, a wild water river SUP and a touring SUP. All inflatable with their own characteristics. This way there is something for everyone. If you like to unwind or travel long distances, the YVSUP11 your ideal match. With its length to width ratio, this board gets up to speed well and glides across the water. If you prefer to go into the surf or off a river in France, there is theYVSUP09. A shorter board with raised front and back for extra maneuverability. For the smallest suppers who want to go out on their own, there is theYVSUP08. Short and light, ideal for learning to supper or just romping around on the water.

For the supboarder who wants more speed and performance, there is the Tugela, a 4-meter speed and tour board:YVSUP13. Do you prefer weekends away, or long sup trips? Then the Niagara is for you. At 4.26 meters long and 83 cm wide, this is YellowV's most advanced board. Due to the x-woven fusion dropstitch PVC used, this board is light and very stable.YVSUP14

All of our boards are wide, for better stability, so beginners and recreational suppers can do well with them.

Buying SUP board?

Found a board that suits you? Ordering is very simple. Choose, place it in the shopping cart and follow the steps to checkout and we will ship your products as soon as possible, from 100 euros we even ship for free! Still have questions? Use our chat function or send us an e-mail.

All our boards are supplied as a complete ready-to-run set.