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YellowV - a new flow in the market

Water is the most important element in our lives. To drink, to freshen up, to relax - we need it in so many ways. After all: 60% of the human body consist out of water. We from YellowV believe water can be just as essential for you in keeping fit. Our products stimulate an active life on the water, so you can experience nature at its finest: a peaceful and quiet national park or an exciting fast flowing river. Whatever floats your boat, just know we’ve got your back with material to match.

It’s our mission to get you out of the house and into the water. Getting you fit while looking smart. To be your next level leisure. Our great-looking equipment enables you to do so. Expand you horizon, reach places you’ve never been before and explore more. Live life instead of watching it pass by on the screen of your phone.

At this moment we offer products for both flat as white water, and there is a lot more to come. Inflatable items like SUP boards and platforms that not only meet standards and regulations, but also exceeds them. Because at YellowV, we live for making you say “Wow”!