Inflatable fun tube Triangle, 2 pers, nylon & quick connector

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More fun for two? Go for the YellowV Triangle Funtube for 2 people! This two person funtube offers the same fun as the YellowV Donut, but for two people at once. Sitting comfortably or lying down: the amount of action depends on you and your partner in crime. Hold on tight to the ergonomic handles and bounce comfortably across the wake.

The YellowV Triangle is a 2-person funtube. A sturdy nylon cover and PVC inner tube ensure a comfortable ride. Secure the tube quickly with the quick connector and easily apply pressure with a pump of your choice via the Boston Valve. The Triangle takes you and your best friend out on adventure!

  • Easily secured in 5 seconds using the Quick connector
  • Very light and easy to store
  • Solid nylon cover
  • 3 year warranty


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