Inflatable fun tube Donut, 1 pers, nylon & quick connector

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The YellowV Donut Funtube for 1 person is the starter of every H2O party. Pure sensation, because the lightweight YellowV Donut skims across the water. The solid build quality ensure loads of adrenaline-filled rides so you can bounce your way across the water in summer. Want to start off more relaxed? Just sit back and relax in the tube. Want to experience pure speed? Lie down on your belly and hold on tight. A Jeckel and Hyde difference, using the same tube!

The YellowV Donut is a 1-person funtube. The sturdy nylon cover protects and stays beautiful for a long time. The ergonomically placed handles allow you to quickly find a good grip, and the quick connector ensures that you can secure the tube securely. Inflation and deflation is a breeze with the Boston Valve. The Donut is ready to party!

  • Easily secured in 5 seconds using the Quick connector
  • Very light and easy to store
  • Solid nylon cover
  • 3 year warranty
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