Inflatable fun tube Banana, 2 pers, nylon & quick connector

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The classic – the YellowV Funtube Banana for 2 people. Every trip is fun with this 2 person funtube, whether this funtube is towed behind a powerful speedboat or mounted behind a sloop. Suitable for up to two people, this is the ultimate challenge for your balance.

The YellowV Banana is a 2-person Funtube. This compact banana is user friendly and easy to attach to the boat using the quick connector. With the help of the Boston valve you can pressurize the funtube with various pumps or drain it quickly. Strategically placed handles and anti-slip seats help you stay seated, but the question remains: who of the two can hold on the longest on this rodeo bull on the water?

  • Easily secured in 5 seconds using the Quick connector
  • Very light and easy to store
  • Solid nylon cover
  • 3 year warranty
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