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Heartbeat 11 Athlete.

The sports tourer of our inflatable SUP board range. Your iSUP companion when expanding your horizon: fast enough to cover large areas yet very stable so you can safely bring a backpack (or your pet). That stability makes it suitable for both novice as intermediate Stand Up Paddlers.

The Heartbeat 11 features a luggage net to secure your belongings, multiple handles to easy transport it while inflated and D-rings to secure it to river banks or to your boat. Weighing in at a nice 11,5kg, this board feels like a rigid board. If properly inflated this board can even be used for wave surfing! The stability of three removable fins in unrivaled.


  • The best inflatable board i have ever used - I love it

  • The kids love their new boards and the design is great

  • Just purchased boards for the rest of the family - now we can explore together.

    Mary Jane

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