Heartbeat 11' SUP board – ANGEL

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Heartbeat 11' SUP board – Angel

The sports tourer of our inflatable SUP board range. Your iSUP companion when expanding your horizon: fast enough to cover large distances, yet very stable so you can safely bring a backpack (or your pet). That stability makes it suitable for both novices and intermediate paddlers alike.

The Heartbeat 11 features a luggage net to secure your belongings, multiple handles for easy transport while inflated and D-rings to secure it to river banks or to your boat. Weighing in at just 11,5kg, this board feels like a rigid board. If properly inflated this board can even be used for wave surfing! The stability of three removable fins is unrivalled. On the platform, 5mm EVA foam is both comfortable and provides grip. The 1,5mm drop-stitched PVC is highly durable and build to last. Highly manoeuvrable, stable and fast; the Heartbeat 11 SUP board will last many endless summers.


More Information
Max. load (kg)130
IncludedSUP, Double action paddle, Pump, Carrying bag, Repair kit, Game set, Leash, Waterproof Mobile Case, YellowV towel
Length (cm)335
Width (cm)80
Weight (kg)11,5
Thickness (cm)15
Anti slip deckEVA foam 5 mm + PVC 15 mm (drop stitched)
Number of D-rings6
PVC constructionDouble layer, 1,5 mm thick
Anti slip hardness (shore)(A)45 - 50
PVC hardness (shore)(A)70
User weight50 - 75 kg, 75 - 100 kg, 100 - 120 kg, 120 - 130 kg
Paddle styleAll round fun, Familie, Cruising/distance, Yoga
SUP experienceBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Heartbeat11 Game

Cross and circles…..with playing cards. This game is a variety of the well-known “cross and circle game” that has been around for centuries, it combines the rules of simple fun dice based board games with the strategy of having multiple moves at your disposal. Although (as with any game) luck is still involved it is mostly about tactic, wit and the willingness to annoy your opponent…..

The goal of the game:

This game can be played with either 2 or 4 players but the rules are basically the same (2 player exemptions are listed separately). The goal of the game is to move all 4 pawns from your starting field to your home base by use of ordinary playing cards. Be aware…you need the exact count of fields to make it into Home, and you need to fill the house from the top down. Pawns are able to move within home base but are not allowed to jump over other pawns within the home base.

Dealing the cards:

You have to use the complete deck of cards, excluding the Jokers.

1st round: 5 cards each, 2nd round 4 cards each. 3rd round 4 cards each. After the third round the next player has to deal.

Basic card value:

  • Ace - Either move a pawn that’s already on the board 1 space, or as a starter to get on the board.
  • King - Starter to get a pawn on the board.
  • Queen- Move a pawn 12 spaces.
  • Jack- Switch 2 pawns that are on the board (but not home) this is mandatory, but if there are less than 2 different color pawns on the board this card cannot be played
  • 10 - Move a pawn 10 spaces.
  • 9 - Move a pawn 9 spaces.
  • 8 - Move a pawn 8 spaces.
  • 7 - Move a total of 7 spaces divided by 2 pawns. (no 2 pawns on the board then you cannot use this card)
  • 6 - Move a pawn 6 spaces.
  • 5 - Move a pawn 5 spaces.
  • 4 - Move a pawn 4 spaces but always BACKWARDS (if the pawn is at starting position it is allowed to go backwards and in the next turn enter the home base, if a pawn has already moved from starting position it is still allowed to go back over starting position, but it cannot enter home base without making a complete round)
  • 3 - Move a pawn 3 spaces.
  • 2 - Move a pawn 2 spaces.

The game:

At the start of the game the first player lays down a single card, visible to all, and moves his pawn according to the card’s value (see card values) then the next player (clockwise) does the same. If a player’s set of cards doesn’t permit to start or move, he’s out of the current round and must lay down all his remaining cards. A round is finished once all cards are laid down. At each subsequent round another player starts.

A pawn can be placed on the starting point either with a King or with an Ace. When a pawn is moved from home to the starting point it is “protected”. Pawns that are in starting position cannot be switched, taken or even passed. If a player is blocked from any movement by an opponent on a starting position he’s out of the current round and must lay down all his remaining cards

If a pawn arrives at a position occupied by another, the latter is taken of the board and returned to the starting row, this also applies to own pawns! Passing another pawn is always permitted, except in home base or if a pawn is on its own starting-point. Players are bound to move their pawns the complete number of steps determined by the card value (be carefull when trying to get into your home base) if the card’s value exceeds the number of necessary steps, another lap of the course must be started to retry the entry!