Choosing the right boat

YellowV offers you fully inflatable hulls with two types of decks. The preferred deck and length depend on your personal application. Do you need a lot of space, or does the boat need to fit the davits? How many people should be able to enjoy the boat at once?

The YellowV inflatable boat series is available in five boat lengths: 200, 230, 270, 300, or 330 cm overall. Upon purchase, you can specify either an inflatable deck or a folding aluminium deck depending on your needs. What makes the YellowV inflatable-boat series unique, are the specially designed transom blocks that accept both deck styles. If your preference ever changes, all you need to do is purchase the additional deck. Whatever deck you choose, both versions are rigid when installed and feature a deep V hull for greater stability at both low and high speeds. Each has its individual advantages – check the specs diagram below.

To provide the optimum freedom in usage, all models are equipped with multiple carrying handles and D-rings for towing, lifting, and anchoring. The fun starts with selecting the right boat. Imagine what adventures you are going to have: rowing ashore to discover new places, exploring the coastline, sunbathing away from the crowd, or snorkelling. It’s all up to you!

1. The angled stern tubes and the trim flaps at the transom provide a greater planing surface and buoyancy. In addition, the rounded stern tubes with continuous rubbing strakes are less prone to damage.

2. Convenient grab handles are located at the transom.

3. Additional grab handles are ideally placed for the driver when motoring.

4. Oar storage is located inside the boat, and quick-storage clamps are located on the top of the tubes.

5. The bench can be repositioned and a second bench can be installed as an option.

6. The design features a deep-V keel with a rubbing-strake protector. The side tubes are protected with an additional layer of PVC fabric at the bottom.

7. Multiple D-rings allow for towing and hoisting the boat.

8. Pressure relief valve prevents over-inflation.

9. A one-way drain plug with closure is included.

10. A pump with pressure valve is included to set the right pressure